Bomb Sunrise

     All this dust between you and me










Maxime Fauconnier (b. 1989) is a photographer and filmmaker based in Brussels, Belgium.

After graduating from a Bachelor in Photography in 2010, he went on to assist artists such as Serge Leblon, Jacqueline di Milia, Martine Fougeron and Germaine Kruip, while building his work as a fine art photographer and filmmaker between New York and Brussels.


Travelling between portrait, still life and landscape, mixing documentation with fiction and void of precise societal and geographical contexts, Fauconnier’s work focuses on the poetry of the mundane, the distinct liminality of adolescence and the yearning for an escape.


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Commissions / features include PAPER, Dazed & Confused Japan, Vice, Phases Magazine, WWD, METAL, Schweppes, Lee Jeans, Hart magazine, Ocula, Le Paradox, Desillusion Magazine, Antwrp, Minotaur, Fashion Grunge, We Heart, DUEL, The Sound Of Everything, Ictus,...


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